A1 Noise and Earthworks

Anyone else noticed the increase in traffic noise from the A1 since the "landscaping" started?
There is a pattern emerging here.  Whilst the Great Park houses are being built and sold, large piles of soil have been placed between them and the A1, which is  a very noisy road with no low noise surface or speed limit which would make it quieter.

Road Safety Campaign

We have repeatedly raised concerns about road safety on Roseden Way and will continue our campaign on this as we feel strongly that it is only a matter of time before there is an injury or fatality.  We have asked for:

Lock up your Driveways and Parking Bays!!

Advance notice of a potentially large meeting at Brunton First School on Wednesday 22nd at 7.00pm.
To help jog your memory here is something for you - try singing it to "Teddy Bears Picnic"!
If you go out to the shops tonight prepare for a very long drive,
If you come home from the shops tonight you'd better be ready and wise,
For every parent that ever there was will park not ride, Because
Tonights the night of the PTA meeting!

GPCC news and catering

The community center are looking for someone to develop their catering provision and also welcome suggestions from members about what they would like to be on the menu.
You can read the electronic version of the newsletter here - click read more and then the pdf link.

Landscaping Work

Earth movers are having a great time in front of Prendwick Avenue!  We are informed by the council that this is planned landscaping, to be followed by a final configuration of the noise bunds.  Any problems with dust or noise outside normal working hours please report it.  We do not have a definitive plan for the landscaping, but are told the central area will be wild flower and there should be some trees too. The mown strip near the footpath is to remain.

What is the latest time you would use the GPCC (except at weekends)?

56% (5 votes)
22% (2 votes)
22% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9

AGM 2014

  • Thursday September 18th 7.30pm
  • Upstairs room at the Three Mile Inn
  • Short reports on what we have been doing
  • Election of additional committee members
  • New issues to tackle
  • Socialisation!

Picnic August 17th on the green Roseden Way from 1.00pm

picnicWeather did not permit.

If there is a nice warm Sunday afternoon this autumn, we can try again!

Bring your own food.


Mystery of the Moving Trees??

On Wednesday 4th June the landscaping contractors dug up 11 trees which had been on the green opposite the school at Roseden Way in spite of being challenged by a resident.  Later that day 11 identical trees were planted between Thrunton Walk and Brunton Lane. 

Fun Day at the Community Centre 1st June

Fun day posterCome along on Sunday 1st June between 11.00am and 4.00pm for loads of activities for all the community - meet your neighbours and friends for some fun!

If you are coming by car, please note you need to park in the Park and Ride and take the short walk through to the centre.

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