Support Adoption Petition for Melbury

Melbury has been completed for four years and is still not adopted.  It took ten years for Warkworth Woods to get adopted by the council.  This is bad news for the rest of the Great Park, including us. 

Community Centre

The centre has now been open for a couple of weeks and several local businesses are running sessions there.  The new web site at appears to be mainly a booking portal - any comments or views on this from members??

Full to Bursting

cars in Roseden wayJust when is anyone at the council or school going to listen to us.  Another event at the school early this afternoon (28th March 2014) - Roseden Way and all the visitor spaces in Prendwick Avenue full up with cars visiting the school.

Easter Sunday Service at the Community Centre

The Ark in the Park is bringing the church in to the community.  The service begins at 11.00 am on Easter Sunday - April 20th 2014.

Breakfast Club Every Sunday

At the Community Centre, starting this Sunday 30th March with daffodils for Mothering Sunday.  10.00am to 12.00 noon - organised by "The Ark in the Park". A regular breakfast club with activities for the children.

Community Centre Opening This Weekend!!!

The new centre is due to open very soon, and you can already join fitness sessions run by local business Ben Johnson Fitness.
Although we have not heard directly, Melbury and WW web site is announcing that it is open to interested residents this weekend.  The times are 10am to 2pm on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March.

MP's Support

Our MP is supporting us and has written to the Management Company regarding our concerns.  For more information please log in and look at the forum on this topic.

New Look Web Site

What do you think of the new look - any suggestions/comments/criticisms welcome!!

Liven up this Site - Ideas and Comments Please

Would you like to be able to post up pictures of the area, your family, events or anything relevant to our community?  There is a lot of dull looking text whichcould be brightened up and it would look more personal too.
Are there people on EMV who run businesses?  Would you like some free advertising?  Is there any interest in a local good business page where people can make recommendations?
Any other ideas?  Please comment.

Council Traffic Survey

This one is about 20mph limits on Brunton Lane, so whilst it may not have an immediate impact on EMV, some of you may wish to participate.  The link is


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