Spate of Vandalism

There was a spate of vandalism on Friday night (22nd May) when a number of young trees were snapped off, a manhole cover lifted and broken plus theft of solar garden lights.  Please keep you eyes and ears open and phone the police if you do see anything.

Work on Pavements Roseden Way

We have received this information from the council:

Consultation about Travel in the Great Park

At the GPCC - drop in sessions on two dates.  Meet the new NGP project manager, David Abercrombie, a council transport and travel officer and someone from the bus company.  Full details are in the leaflet.
Dates are April 15th between 15.00 and 19.00
and            April 18th between 10.00 and 13.00 - click read more to show the leaflet!

Talking to the Consortium

great park logo

The new Project Manager, David Abercrombie, has invited us to comment on three things:

Easter Craft Fair at GPCC

Easter Saturday afternoon at the Community Centre.

  • Free entry
  • Something for everyone
  • Join the fun!

Road Safety Drop in Session




GPCCA AGM Thursday February 26th 7.30pm at GPCC

Come along and find out how the community centre has been developing over the last year.  This is your opportunity to join the GPCCA!  What is it??  A non profit organisation set up to run the centre by community members for the benefit of all the community.

Road Safety Consultation

At least one person on East Moor Village did not get these documents through the post - so here they are.  The much awaited "consultation" around road safety and school travel.  It is not very clear from the letter that this is a consultation so please do understand that if you have concerns, it is important to raise them now.  

Lock Your Doors!!

There have been a number of recent burglaries on the Great Park where thieves have gained access via unlocked doors.  For a full report please read the letter from the police which you can see if you click on "read more".

End of the Service Charge??

There is no doubt that most folks living here feel they are being ripped off over the service charge and some have been bullied in to paying it after refusing to pay in protest against the poor service, high fees and lack of information from the company.


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