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The new Project Manager, David Abercrombie, has invited us to comment on three things:

Easter Craft Fair at GPCC

Easter Saturday afternoon at the Community Centre.

  • Free entry
  • Something for everyone
  • Join the fun!

Road Safety Drop in Session




GPCCA AGM Thursday February 26th 7.30pm at GPCC

Come along and find out how the community centre has been developing over the last year.  This is your opportunity to join the GPCCA!  What is it??  A non profit organisation set up to run the centre by community members for the benefit of all the community.

Road Safety Consultation

At least one person on East Moor Village did not get these documents through the post - so here they are.  The much awaited "consultation" around road safety and school travel.  It is not very clear from the letter that this is a consultation so please do understand that if you have concerns, it is important to raise them now.  

Lock Your Doors!!

There have been a number of recent burglaries on the Great Park where thieves have gained access via unlocked doors.  For a full report please read the letter from the police which you can see if you click on "read more".

End of the Service Charge??

There is no doubt that most folks living here feel they are being ripped off over the service charge and some have been bullied in to paying it after refusing to pay in protest against the poor service, high fees and lack of information from the company.

A1 Noise and Earthworks

Anyone else noticed the increase in traffic noise from the A1 since the "landscaping" started?
There is a pattern emerging here.  Whilst the Great Park houses are being built and sold, large piles of soil have been placed between them and the A1, which is  a very noisy road with no low noise surface or speed limit which would make it quieter.

Road Safety Campaign

We have repeatedly raised concerns about road safety on Roseden Way and will continue our campaign on this as we feel strongly that it is only a matter of time before there is an injury or fatality.  We have asked for:

Lock up your Driveways and Parking Bays!!

Advance notice of a potentially large meeting at Brunton First School on Wednesday 22nd at 7.00pm.
To help jog your memory here is something for you - try singing it to "Teddy Bears Picnic"!
If you go out to the shops tonight prepare for a very long drive,
If you come home from the shops tonight you'd better be ready and wise,
For every parent that ever there was will park not ride, Because
Tonights the night of the PTA meeting!


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