Bus Lane Camera Brunton Bridge

The camera which replaced the bus gate by Brunton Bridge has been operational for a while now and it is reported that penalty notices (fines) are being given out.  This is just a reminder that unless you drive a bus, emergency vehicle or had an existing permission to use the gate - YOU WILL BE FINED!

Play Park is now Open

Although there are some minor finishing touches to be done, the play park is now open to use.

Play Park not Open Yet

For your safety!! The play park is not finished yet, so please don't use it until the orange fencing is removed. The consortium will let us know when it is finished and safe to use.


question markTraffic regulations go for approval on 14th July and Roseden Way road surfacing to start late July, followed by road markings. Affected households will be informed.

The Play park is due to be completed in about 2 weeks.

A New Q3 bus service starts 26th July.  For more information see http://www.simplygo.com/all-services/quaylink

Brunton First School will take 30 more pupil from September in the converted staff room.  They wish to extend the school further to a capacity of 450 pupils.  Planning permission and public consultation will have to take place before this is allowed.

Next Committee Meeting 6th July

The agenda is attached to this article - please take a look - if you would like to raise anything else let us know by using the contact form.  If you have comments on the items, again please let us know so we can represent your views more effectively!!  You may need to click the read more button to see the pdf file.

Traffic Regulation Posters

We have obtained a copy of the posters on the lamp posts concerning the proposed traffic regulations, plus two extra files which are maps.  Probably easier to read them here than in the wind and rain!!

Threatening Letters

Many people have been with holding their service charge because they are dissatisfied with the service, lack of information and evidence of accountability.  Some have just received threatening letters.  Please use the forums on this site to let us know if you have had a letter and what you think about it.  The forum is at http://eastmoorvillage.org.uk/node/25. If you can't remember your log in you can use the forgot password link, or email the site admin from the contact form.

Spate of Vandalism

There was a spate of vandalism on Friday night (22nd May) when a number of young trees were snapped off, a manhole cover lifted and broken plus theft of solar garden lights.  Please keep you eyes and ears open and phone the police if you do see anything.

Work on Pavements Roseden Way

We have received this information from the council:

Consultation about Travel in the Great Park

At the GPCC - drop in sessions on two dates.  Meet the new NGP project manager, David Abercrombie, a council transport and travel officer and someone from the bus company.  Full details are in the leaflet.
Dates are April 15th between 15.00 and 19.00
and            April 18th between 10.00 and 13.00 - click read more to show the leaflet!


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