Plans are in for the rest of Cell F

You may be interested to take a look at the plans for the rest of Cell F on the council website.  They are under Ref. No: 1999/1300/186/RES - there are a lot of documents to wade through (54), so better make sure you have plenty of time!!

Nothing New Website

The new site is up and appears to be nothing more than consortium propaganda.  There is nothing on there which explains to residents how the Management Companies are being run - a golden opportunity missed!  However you can still pay your bills through the site.  Watch out for disruption to traffic on Saturday 11th when an event about travel is being held opposite Brunton First School.
Also, for a so called community site it is disappointingly non-interactive.

Community Centre Management Meeting

At Brunton School on Monday February 11th 2013 6.30pm.  Organised by Newcastle City Council, the meeting was well attended by residents from all over the Great Park. There must have been 50-60 people there.  The meeting was lead by Sue Wannop, Greak Park Co-ordinator, Newcastle City Council and a presentation was given by Glenn Pendleton, also from the council whose role is to facilitate and support community run facilities.  In attendance was Anita Lower, one of our local councillors.


Update The developers have agreed for the police to act on what is still their land.  If you see illegal parking i.e. on footpaths or causing an obstruction you can report the licence number to the local police on 101, or contact our community officer at


Plans passed!!

The plans for the proposed Community Centre were passed on 21st September at the council's planning committee in spite of strong objections from residents of East Moor Village. Apart from an expensive Judicial Review, which would only look at the process, not the decision, there is little else we can do apart from complain about our lack of involvement and to learn from events that we need to be better organised. Outside bodies like the council are much more likely to pro-actively give us information and to take our views seriously if they have a representative body to speak to.

Why this site?

We urgently need to build an on line community as a way to bring residents together and represent our views. The site can be used to air any matters relating to our community and to poll residents on questions important to us, such as the proposed new Community Centre using the polling function in the site software. The site has been developed by a resident and is offered for all to use at no cost. As things develop, it is expected that all interested residents will have a say in what appears here - this is just to start things rolling....


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