Footpath to Greenside

There is going to be more disruption to the path whilst drainage from the sports fields is installed.  A temporary footpath is to be provided. The mud on the wagonway crossing should be cleared and the council have already taken action over this.  Please comment or email us if you encounter any more problems.

Water Main for Community Centre

Work has started on excavating for a new water main to the community centre, and should be completed by 7th December.  People living next to this should have been informed, this is just for information for anyone curious to know what is going on.

Allotment Site Suggestions

Can you please comment with suggestions for allotment sites?
Adam Taeger has asked for suggestions from residents, and below is the text from his email explaining what they are looking for:
"We have received a number of questions recently about when the allotments will be available. Discussions are on-going with the developers to find a suitable location. The agreement with the developers calls for ½ hectare of allotments on the Great Park, which is an area of 50X100 metres (although it doesn’t need to be that shape).

Landscaping between EMV and the A1

Work on this has now begun with the installation of newt barriers as the first stage.  This whole area is home to the great crested newt, which has to be protected.  Barriers are erected to contain them away from any earthworks prior to commencement.  The are four major parts to the landscaping.  The piles of earth existing now have to be shaped into bunds to reduce traffic noise and will then have trees planted on them.  This work should take place next to the A1 and behind the newt protection.  The existing trees are to conserved and also the natural wetland near the A1 which is used by t

Airport Consultation

East Moor Village has not ben notified of the consultation by Newcastle Airport on their new masterplan.  We have the information from Melbury and Warkworth Woods RA, and we are grateful to them for sharing.  It seems crazy that we have not been included when we are closer to the airport!! 

We have missed the roadshows etc. , but you can still comment - please refer to the pdf document below for details.


Today (Thursday 5th Sept) the Environmental health dept. at the council have warned the firm operating the earth moving vehicles to take precautions against excessive dust which we have suffered this week.  Cllr Lower also passed on the concern to planning enforcement, who will be monitoring the situation.  If you see any more dust please either contact the site admin using the contact form or phone Enviromental Health on  0191 211 6102.

Our First AGM 24th September 7.30pm Bowmont House

The agenda included:

First Meeting of Our Resident's Association 30th July!

This, our first meeting, was supported by Councillor Anita Lower and Adam Taeger, Great Park Community Co-ordinator who kindly took the notes for us.  The draft constitution was adopted, and all present agreed to form an interim committee until the first AGM, which will be held during September when the holidays are over.  The main tasks this group will perform is to set up the AGM and publicise it, and to meet with the Greenside RA Chair to find out what their group has been able to achieve since they started.


This is our constitution, which was adopted at our first AGM in September 2013.  We are grateful to Newcastle CVS for their help in writing it.

Residents Meeting 24th June 2013 -First Step

The meeting was arranged by Sue Wannop Great Park community co ordinator, and in attendance was our ward councillor, Anita Lower and Sue's new colleague, Adam who will be taking over some of her work here.  The purpose was to gauge interest in forming a residents assn, and although the attendance was not very large, the discussion was quite lively and it was concluded that we should move on to the next step.


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