Safe Driving Notice

This is US!!  We are causing a problem for each other on the Great Park by driving too fast within the estate. It is not a new problem - a number of residents have been raising concerns about it for years, and there have been several near misses on crossings as well as pet fatalities. It is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit. Think how you would feel if you were driving.

Finally Some News!!

If you have been following our posts and/or reading our minutes, you will know we have been pressing the consortium since August 2018 to tell us who's who at the Project Office.

In true developer fashion, the management company directors have not had the courtesy to respond to us directly, but have used the Great Park community co-ordinator as a mouthpiece for their announcements, in addition to posting on their web site.

Ten Minute Rule Bill on Estate Charges

On Wednesday 14th Novemeber, Helen Goodman MP for Bishop Auckland presented a "Ten Minute Rule Bill" in parliament concerning estate charges. Although this type of bill is not often enacted, it is an important first step in getting the government to provide home owners with some protection. Ms Goodman presented her case with gusto and clarity and gained support from a large number of MPs from all parties, including Catherine McKinnell. The second reading will be in January.

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Anita Lower, our ward councillor, has asked us to share this statement from the consortium from her meeting:

NGP Estate "Service" Charge

We don't know how many of you know about estate service charges, some will if they have bought on a new build estate in the past. There does seem to be a fair amount of misunderstanding about it, so we have put together this article, which we hope will prove useful.

Spine Road Construction Consultation

If you want to find out mre from the contractors we have recieved this message from the consortium via the communities team at the council:

GPNA on the Up!

A very positive and productive committee meeting has resulted in the election of officers and a plan to move forward.
The full minutes will be published soon - a brief summary of the plans agreed includes:

Town Centre Brochure

We have been sent a copy of the brochure which will go out to businesses interested in operating in the town centre.
See below:

Snagging List May 14th

The consortium have published the updated snagging list on May 14th as promised to the Great Park Action Group (GPAG).
Although it is on their web site, the document has the wrong orientation and the print is very small.
To help those who want to read it and check off issues or comment, we have rotated the pages and publish it here. You will still probably need to use a big screen to make it out!

Holding Response on Web Form

If you have read the update article, you will know that we have written to the consortium requesting some improvements on their web site from.
We received a "holding" response on 10th May which goes as follows:

Dear Cathy


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