Who we are

A non profit community organisation made up of Great Park residents and businesses.  We aim to bring people together and create a safe, pleasant and fun place to live.

What we do

Work with the council, developers, police and other bodies to resolve issues of concern. Develop social events we can all enjoy.

Welcome to our web site!

What is GPNA?  - it stands for Great Park Neighbourhood Association and has grown out previous smaller residents groups. It is envisioned that it will ultimately be for all Great Park residents and businesses too. A large strong and united voice for people who live here.

A number of residents met on 1st November 2017, chose the name and agreed the idea in principle. It was felt there were still many residents who were unaware of what was happening, so more publicity was planned for our next event in April 2018. This was our opening meeting which was well attended, and we were able to elect a group to serve on the committee to carry work forwards with a larger area of benefit. Read the minutes here.


One of our guiding principles is to work openly, so all the minutes are published, including past ones from East Moor if you are interested to see what has been going on since 2013!